About Us



Blockshares was founded for a simple reason:  we feel the real estate market is closed off for those who aren't market professionals. It’s a disturbing fact of real estate that we are going to play a part in changing.

For many years, we have seen institutional money come to dominate the dynamic neighborhoods in which we own and manage investment properties.  All the while, we were constantly approached by friends and colleagues who wanted to become involved in our next real estate venture, however, our business model didn't require this type of investment.   These factors, coupled with the ongoing emergence of crowd-funding, made it clear to us that the time was perfect to avail the every day investor to the same deals that had been available only to market professionals...Blockshares was born.

In the coming months, we will invite you to have an inside look at deals previously available only to professionals within the real estate market.  Additionally, we will allow you to share in those deals with us and invest alongside our team and the other professional real estate developers that will be joining the Blockshares network.

At Blockshares, it's more than just our tag line - it's our mission statement:

Real Estate...Own Your Share. 


As professionals in the commercial real estate market, we've spent 15 years valuing, developing and managing real estate in highly competitive environments.

Based in New York City, our Real Estate company is not a large institutional firm, but rather a family operated real estate business. As such, we operate with a hands-on approach and remain intimately involved in all aspects of the development process, including:  acquisition, financing, construction, leasing and property management. In our view, real estate isn't operated from behind a desk or in a boardroom, but rather on the ground in the neighborhoods where we've owned, worked and developed property over the past two decades.

This direct interaction has proven invaluable in assessing true values of investment properties, keeping the investment properties occupied and understanding the trajectory of the area in which they're located. Additionally, our methods and expertise have translated into results as our track record speaks for itself...our properties have repeatedly performed on time, within budget and have met or exceeded projected returns.

It’s this type of management style, real estate analytics, and budget oversight that will be applied throughout the Blockshares platform.


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